Rack ElectroplatingAt Signal Plating, Inc. nickel-chrome rack electroplating services add a decorative and protective finish to your ferrous metal and brass parts. Our large-scale rack plating line is equipped to process parts measuring up to 9.5 feet long, 4 feet high, and 30 inches wide, making it suitable for many applications, from machined parts and stampings to decorative fixtures and furnishings.

We electroplate nickel only or nickel-chrome combinations, in multiple .0003 to .001 inch thick layers, to create many popular and durable finishes. Examples include a bright nickel finish – great for decoration and corrosion protection; a satin nickel finish – offering the look of stainless steel; as well as satin brass and architectural bronze finishes – both excellent for adding an elegant look to a decorative fixture or piece of furniture. Our chrome baths are formulated from EPA-friendly trivalent chromium, and we utilize thickness testers and visual inspections to ensure that each part has a superior quality, long lasting finish. We are also able to perform the necessary polishing and buffing prep work on most jobs.

Equally capable of handling single pieces, small quantities, and large scale production runs with short lead times and fast turnarounds, our nickel-chrome plating services have many applications for products targeting the hospitality, consumer, retail, and office furnishing industries. Contact us today to learn how Signal Plating can become the most reliable source for all your part finishing needs.

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Rack Electroplating Capabilities

Types of Finishing Services Offered

Satin Nickel
Bright Nickel
Trivalent Chrome
Satin Brass

Bright Brass
Architectural Brass
Architectural Bronze


Ferrous Metals

Plating Characteristics

Corrosion Protection


Rack Electroplating

Pre-Plating Operations Available


Plating Thickness

.0003 to .001 in
7.62 Microns to 25.4 Microns

We Can Also Plate to Your Desired Specifications

Part Length

Up to 9.5 ft.

Part Width

Up to 30 in.

Part Height

Up to 48 in.

Testing Ability

Coating Thickness



Intended Applications

Machined Parts
Clothing Racks
Office Furniture

Decorative Fixtures
Conference Seating
Banquet Seating
Hotel Furnishings

Production Volume

Small to Large Scale Production Volume Runs

Typical Lead Times Available

1 to 2 weeks
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industries Served



Industry Standards

EPA Friendly Baths

File Formats Accepted