Zinc Barrel Plating of Hot-Rolled Steel Towing Components

At Signal Plating, Inc. we utilized our barrel plating line to zinc plate a variety of components for a customer in the tow and recovery industry. Since these tow hooks, cluster hooks, control handles, and control levers, all fabricated from hot rolled steel, would be used in outdoor applications and subject to varying temperature and weather conditions, we recommended a .0003″ zinc plating with a supplemental trivalent chromium treatment. This 2-part process would give the parts the durability and corrosion protection required to provide a long and reliable service life. Our large plating barrels allowed us to process a high volume of parts in a short amount of time, and our fully computer controlled process guaranteed reliable results that passed both visual and thickness inspections.

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Zinc Plating Project Highlights

Product Description

These zinc plated towing components are used within towing applications.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Zinc Plating with Supplemental
Trivalent Chromate Treatment

Thickness Inspection

Components Plated

Tow Hooks
Cluster Hooks

Control Handles
Control Levers

Coating Thickness


Material Used

Hot Rolled Steel

Material Finish

Acid-Chloride Zinc

In process testing/inspection performed

Visual Inspection
Thickness Inspection

Industry for Use

Tow and Recovery

Turn Around Time

5 Days

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Project Name

Zinc Plating of Towing Components